Paradise Ridge has been in development since 1994.  We have been asked a lot of questions, some of which you may be asking also.  We have captured many of the questions frequently asked below.

Will the final access for Paradise Ridge be off of South Kihei Road, or off Keonekai?

The final driveway access to condominiums will be through the Hale Kamaole access off of South Kihei Road.  The Keonekai access is for construction only.

Are the Developers going to take the best units and sell the rest?

No.  While the Developers may end up with a unit at the end, the units will be for sale.

Will short term rentals be allowed on Paradise Ridge?

No.  The zoning and CC&Rs will allow owner-occupied units or long term rentals only.  The project is not zoned for short term rentals.

What is the time frame for the project to start?

There are two parts to the project:  off-site service connections and on-site servicing and construction.  The off-site services permits have been approved by Maui County.  We are working out the final details on how the service tie-ins will exactly lie.  The on-site permits are under review by Maui County at this time.  Once building permits are approved, and when the Developer has met sufficient pre-sold units, on-site service installation and vertical construction will start.  In short, off-site work could start any time.  We estimate on-site service work to start approximately Spring 2018 with completion in 2019.

Paradise Ridge has been going on a long time.  What has taken so long?

Building permits were ready to pull in 2006, right as the economy was flirting with decline.  By 2007, the recession had hit Hawaii hard, and the project was put on hold; eventually the property was listed for sale.  As the property attracted potential buyers, the economy picked up and the owners decided to build out the project.  In 2015, Paradise Ridge was resurrected in the strong Hawaiian economy.

I might be interested in a unit, but am wondering if the layouts have changed as I saw in 2006.

The layouts, for the vast majority, of the units have remained the same.  The civil work, the roof lines, and some of the doorways into the units have been changed, but the overall layouts of all units remained the same as previously submitted.

mapWhen construction begins, is all access through Hale Kamaole, or off Keonekai?

Both. Paradise Ridge has an access easement through the south driveway of Hale Kamaole off of South Kihei Road.  However, Maui County has also granted a Right of Access using the North-South Collector Road off of Keonekai.  This is located near the Keonekai Dog Park, and the access is through the yellow Maui County locked gate.



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