What’s the latest at Paradise Ridge?

The latest construction schedule:

July to August 2019:  Waterline installation – ongoing now

August 2019:  Install footings on the north wall and begin making blocks (2 pours, twice per day, 6 days per week not on Sunday)
September – October 2019:  Continue making and setting blocks for the north wall bordering Kihei Shores
October 2019:  Building 7 by itself goes vertical – building permit dependent
October to December 2019:  Site work installation
January 2020:  Post-site work completion, vertical construction of buildings 5, 6 and 8 begins
June 2020:  Occupancy for buildings 5 to 8
July 2020:  Vertical construction of buildings 1 to 4 begins
December 2020:  Occupancy for buildings 1 to 4
January 2021:  Turn over to the Paradise Ridge AOAO

My family and I are scheduled to stay at a condo complex neighboring Paradise Ridge during construction.  What are the hours of construction noise?

Our noise permit allows us to construct Monday to Friday between 7am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 6pm.  However, as we have over 1,500 neighbors within 500 feet of Paradise Ridge, we will not start noisy work until 7:30am ending approximately 4pm Monday to Friday.  Late afternoons (approximately between 4pm and 6pm) and Saturdays are reserved for vehicle maintenance and site organization.  If a work day was missed during the week (usually due to weather), we will work Saturday to gain 5 full work days.  No noisy work will be done on Sundays; however, while there will be no construction noise on Sunday, there may be sales folks and contractors on site on Sundays.

How often, what kind of noise, and how much noise will be happening during your stay will depend on the progress of our construction at that time.  (The noise affecting you will also depend greatly on the location of the unit at  the neighboring complex you will be staying at in relation to Paradise Ridge.)

What will the final height of the buildings at Paradise Ridge be?  Is the site getting raised more than what it is now?

The site is roughly the level of the building slabs right now.  While there are some elevation changes for buildings 7 and 8 pertaining to the retaining walls and water line, buildings 1 through 6 elevation is roughly the elevation the building pad locations are at right now.

Will the final access for Paradise Ridge be off South Kihei Road, or off Keonekai?

The final driveway access to Paradise Ridge will be through the Hale Kamaole access off of South Kihei Road. The Keonekai access is for construction only.

 Will short term rentals be allowed on Paradise Ridge?

No. The zoning and rules will allow owner-occupied units or long term rentals only. The project is not zoned for short term rentals.

What are your hours for construction noise?

Our contractors will work Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4pm. The access gate near Keonekai Park will not be opened until 7am out of courtesy to our neighbors along the access road. We may sometimes work on Saturday, but this will be rare. No work on Sundays or federal holidays. If we have to use the hydraulic hammer, a separate notification will be sent out to the neighbors.

Will others be accessing the site outside of noise hours?

Yes. As potential buyers and realtors cannot be on site safely during most of the construction work, we have asked them to view the property during non-work hours. There will be people accessing Paradise Ridge after hours, on Saturdays and Sundays, without making construction noise.

What if there is an emergency at Paradise Ridge?

Please call us:
Jennifer JM Salisbury, Project Assistant, 808-205-9556
Michael Salisbury, Project Manager, 808-205-9391
Tom Cook, Construction Manager, 808-870-2205

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